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25 April 2013


I watched my guy skip off down the street to mail a letter to his playground road-dawg last week and had a sense memory of standing on your porch watching Fille. Tempus fugit, lady.

So many thoughts! But, yes, I see. In our burg we swim against the tide of college-as-parentally-managed-activity somewhat. I mean, go! learn! but good grief, everyone needs to get a grip.

I recall reading that Wurtzel article in NY mag too and thinking, "She's calling me a prostitute! Cool." I'm still chuckling at your use of "horseshittery"--stealing that one. Your opinion gives me pause about sending kid #1 off to public school next year, but then I don't know whether I'd rather deal more with the God's breath crowd. One thing's for sure in my mind; I want to end up with the kid who rides public transit.

Justine, having kids who can get around on transit is sweet because a. it's totally badass, anti-helicopter, and b. it is like having the power of multiplicity. You can drop them off somewhere & say, "Meet you at home," and then you have all the supermarket-time when they are at their thing, plus the time it takes them to travel home. Sah-weet!

Marsha, you know I agree + focus on the go part of what you are saying.

Charlie, one day we'll be dead like Eleanor & we can only hope our children allow us the same languishment in the time leading up to our end.

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