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27 July 2011


you are one of my favorites (though virtually, i suppose). i want this to work out with an ending that feels like a happy one to you, and i am infuriatingly optimistic when it comes to other people, thus i am certain that it will.

I realize I probably don't know what I'm talking about but isn't the way he continues to stonewall diagnosticians indicative of something diagnosable? Why do all these years of child specialists always shirk their role in this and send you home with nothing to go on?

Liz, thank you! I know that I have great, old friends who read along with my little scrapbook on the internet, but I am always happy + surprised at the number of sweet people who respond to my long, generally-opaque efforts. However, I will say this: every one of you has a pink satin jacket, as far as I can tell. I actually am feeling super-optimistic aboutt his child in a way I have not in a long time, but I do not want to jinx it. But! Finger(nail)s crossed! xox

Mr Kowalski, is that yr otherwise or yr magical? I can not always tell.

Look, if I had the answer to that question ... then, you know, we could have some fucking answers, right?

I am not sure, because we are not a part of this paradigm, but I think that what happened is that they missed their window, kind of. Like, when I took him to the dr the summer he was 2 & said, yk, "He has tantrums and breaks shit with his face and he is like Helen everloving Keller." The pede should have said something different from Oh, well, because you have a new baby, ohoho. Good luck!

But he didn't, no one in the practice did, and so, I took my two babies home and dealt with it. I crawled around on the floor, I sat on him when he had tantrums, I mean, you know the stories.

Then, by the time he kind of made it onto the radar, he never presented to anyone the way that "pure" children were, does that make sense? So he would go to these psych evals and they wouldn't get criteria met to do anything. Like, yk, If you have 20%X and 15%Y and 9.9%Z, you totally have XYZ Syndrome, yes. But he wouldn't participate at the same time that he would reveal that he was an obvsly-genius child.

So they would either bring him back to us totally purple-in-the-face & pissed off or with this kind of co-conspiritorial he is something else entirely, this kid ... good luck. The latter group were the ones who would write referrals for this modality or that one, but then he would go to them three or four times & that would end when I got a call on my cell phone mid-session asking me to come retreive Helen Keller immediately, if I would not mind, since their liability insurance did not cover having feral children in their social playgroups. Which ... I mean, really? I have a degree in history right? There's three adults with advanced degrees in kidstuff & they can't figure it out? Let me show you: first, you fucking sit on him.

That was the thing with the SLP -- she was old-school and totally unafraid to get in his face.

And I thought that his failure to present as physicians expected would change as he moved into subsequent developmental ranges, but no.

And Dr Bombay said, yk, "Leave here & have a psych eval!" and we were like, yk, "Again? He's had so many!" Plus then he said no, he won't do it. And we all know what happens when he says he won't do something; he's not going to do it.

I wish I knew what Emperor Xerxes would do with him. Ahahaha! I mean, ugh. You know what we're thinking about. Maybe. xoxo

You know, the thing that struck me most about this is not your words - though I always love to read those - but his photos. First, he has a lovely, jaunty look about him. Mischief and the capacity for great charm. Secondly, he has great beauty which can be an advantage if he uses it wisely. Thirdly, he looks happy. Even in that first photo you can see the edge of a smile and in the second photo he can barely contain his glee. I am confident of a happy ending, though, heavens know you are earning it.

He is the second-greatest beauty I have ever known. And, really, Mentha, this is why we don't worry so much about his future. The greatest day of his life will be when he finds out how to get by on his looks. He can learn to suck cock, just like I did.

Until then, he needs to get along with the three of us. Which is easy, so long as we stay at his beck + call keeping him happy. xox

Wow, you loathe every professional woman you encounter, from physicians, to therapists to social workers. It's amazing how every harridan with a job manages to be ugly, boring and stupid all at once.
legend of snarkocracy

It is amazing isn't it. And she thinks she's so clever, slipping in little details about the doctor's "lined face" and such. Yet this woman actually went and got an advanced degree and works for a living, instead of shopping, venting her spleen on the internet and abusing defenseless children. I know which one I respect and which one's opinion I trust. And it isn't the supposedly "hot" one, who has never once deigned to show us how incredibly gorgeous she actually is.
legend of snarkocracy

In fairness, muffee, she doesn't only hate psychiatrists. She also hates any sort of medical doctor, dentists, teachers, other parents, probably more people I cannot think of offhand.
legend of snarkocracy

Because of course he would feel free to talk about the issues he has with his parents in front of them, or to someone who would report back what he said.
legend of snarkocracy

So...what exactly has the kid done? She talks in vague terms and rambling sentences that don't make any sense at all. Does anyone know what he's actually done to inspire so much wrath from his mother?
legend of snarkocracy

If I had to live with this disgusting excuse for a mother, I'd break shit, too.
legend of snarkocracy

does anyone else smell that? that...troll smell?

I smell B-listers (if that). Boring. It's rather sad they have a site.

I miss the old days, when trolls weren't mildly deranged biddies trying to get the blood to their nether parts flowing again through oh-so-catty remarks, but actual neo-Nazis and child pornographers. Not worth my time.

a secret site? maybe there is a secret handshake? is this what passes for edgy behaviour these days? Gosh, I AM old

Alright, but isn't the very fact that he is inscrutable in their supervision a portent of the very things you are concerned about? Why do they tell you every time that there is nothing wrong with him?

You are hurting my head. No one -- with the exception of his pede when Fifille was new -- has ever said Oh, there is nothing wrong with him, sillies! You go on home now! We have gotten 2 kinds of responses "Mmmmphgrrrl! Call an exorcist!" or "Wow. This is something. Let's try to untangle this with [auxiliary modality]." But then the auxiliary sub-specialists never make it over the first hump w him in their ministrations and then they reject him as a patient. Idk why bc I am never there.

I suspect you may be persisting in this query from a cultural bias which at its root forms the question So why don't they try harder? Yes. But it seems this is another thing we left behind when we left home, guy. xo

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