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29 July 2011


It's been a few days since we've spoken so it's likely I do not know the whole tale. I have to confess, though, that I'm always disappointed when allegedly clever creatures are baited so easily. Sometimes harder = more fun and I suspect it would have been thus. Oh, well.

Well ... it goes back to the profound illiteracy. Anyone who is capable of reading for content would conclude my blog is mostly a full-color rendering for people who already have the b&w diagram. And then, yk, for other readers, it's kind of like, yk do you like modern art? Because your experience is going to be all colors & no shapes.

I mean, like, Clarence Thomas would never be able to figure that out ... I guess. So you see then, what I mean. Yes. Drive safely, love. xoxoxox

Right on, sister.

I don't blog but I appreciate good writing and read you and a few others regularly. I'm retired, in my 60s, and love observing your generation confront the same issues

my generation encountered in such a remarkably different fashion. It's a great learning experience! I'm horrified by the fact that this "secret website" exists. I've always thought that the anonymity of the internet was a double edged sword, and it breaks my heart to see women treating other women like that. I love your response to them.

Thank you, Gray, for your kind words. I like writing this blog, and while I have to admit to always being taken aback when strangers reveal they follow along without the cipher's key, I am always thrilled to hear that people enjoy it, because writing it is a good time.

I also want to acknowledge yr extra kindness in revealing yrself to me at this moment in this blog's timeline. I have always known that there are v many people reading quietly, but now I obvsly wonder a little how much of that unaccounted-for traffic is just the embittered nosiness of fetid ghouls?

Thanks again. Also, I want to ask you, if I may: Did you ever have a son you wished you could lock inside of a cage? I hope you have a great weekend!

Femme, I am sorry that some asshole tried to hurt you. Do not be faint of heart, my friend, for you have many people who quietly read you who wish you well and understand your frustrations. Obviously you write often with your tongue firmly lodged in your cheek. I would like to say hello and give what support an anonymous commenter can.

When the smoke dies down, I will write again.

While I certainly must agree that it is your gorgeousness that makes a first impression on everyone I feel somewhat obliged to point out that your most dazzling and abiding feature is the way you continually yet somehow graciously mock the whole business of its advantages in private.

Thank you, Miss Manners! As I told Liz the other day, I am always pleased + surprised to find that there are ... what did I tell her? Shoot. It was something like, yk, people reveal themselves to me as readers every now & then and it is always surprising, but then I am always totally jazzed to find out they are all wearing satin jackets. It is excellent.

I am excited that you got it right on with my cheek totally full of tongue, because I was a little worried that maybe the internet-at-large did not have a well-developed sense of humor!

Also, as I expressed to Gray, I appreciate your thoughtfulness in speaking up at this time, it is very considerate of you, thank you so much. Have a great week. August!

Did I ever have a son I wanted to lock in a cage? Oh, lala - if you only knew! I actually have two sons (now grown, thank heavens) who fit into that category. One of the things that charms me about you is the way you interact with your children, and also the honesty with which you confront your feelings. I ache for you and all intelligent, young mothers who are in the hell years. It does get better and you are doing a great job. Hang on.

Thank you, Gray. I put great value in the perspective of women with grown children -- who seem to be delighted & chatty & sympathetic when solicited, as you have just been.

I was the supermarket one day, coping with how to a middle-school-aged boy, every instruction you give sounds like mmmmph hey mmmmmph mmmmph this mmph mmph mmmmphhhhh here mmmph mmmphhh, etc. I asked the woman in line behind us who was watching with great compassion if she had sons (yes) and when they stopped acting like this.

She said, "Not yet, but now they are their wives' problem." Which, what? Why did no one tell me this before? I could have smothered him when he was a baby!

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