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15 November 2013


Project Land Barony is kicking up a notch? Nicely done...and I admire your convictions. We've been recently in the market for renting outside of our burg - obtaining our own glam mid-Atlantic, bi-city existence - and am APPALLED. I mean, really. Did we ever put up with this grade of rental nonsense?

It's kind of ridiculous & gougy + ramshackle, I agree. Even from talking to people we know who rent property -- small-timers, like we are! -- it's ridiculous! Their properties are nice -- I guess, I haven't seen them -- but $$$$! But is it unrelated that they have issues with late rents, turnover, headaches, etc? They have been at it a little longer, but even in the time since we have.

Our realtor's latest is to tell us flat-out -- If you want a property which meets your standards, you are just going to have to buy another little house, because the presumption with a investment property is that no one cares. I guess so! I feel so naive! And upset!

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