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24 October 2013


I've pondered and thought on this for days and can only say that, yes, I have my fingers crossed for all concerned. There are a million platitudes for these kinds of situations but I'll leave it at thinking of you all.

Fingers crossed here too.

I am so interested in the different modes and schema of the medical establishment versus the court/legal establishment. Like, it seems like one of these bodies is willing to work with you. And has some regard for what you have to say about your own child. And the other does not.

Well, Becky, that is pretty trippy. All the re-tellings of every story ever since ever is making me ragey at these medical people again. Not because they couldn't "help" us, or hand us a blueprint of how to parent, but because they were such arrogant blowhards who were useless and then angry at us, at the same time!

But now Mari & I feel heard, freaking finally.

I mean, ladies, he says he is reformed, he swears, and we're like, "That's fine, tell it to your caseworker. Now make your bed, we love you."

Like, Marsha, how long have we known each other & the one kid the whole time? He needs to start thinking about himself, is all. I'm thinking about Tahiti, lol, but srsly. xoxox

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