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24 February 2011


I forwarded your post to my family because they too are a bunch of dangerous radicals. My dad said, "This sounds like our kind of girl." Oh hells yes!

The total tragedy of all this is the way different groups of working people are pitted against each other.

It is beyond my understanding that anyone doesn't get this. Of course, that's because I'm a commie Brit, no doubt.

I am ashamed that it was only through your tweets that I knew this was up, it has had no press reports here which surprises me in a country built on unions which is in danger of forgetting what the unions delivered because our resources boom - built on hard labour and dangerous conditions - cushions us.

*holds lighter up*

What an excellent post. You hit on so many things I've been struggling to articulate.

I have "progressive" friends who think that unions are "a quaint, old, needless relic whose time has passed." I think that's how it must have felt in the 1920s too, when the radicalism and union uprisings of the turn of the century seemed like ancient history and big business was treated like a god. Of course we know the story turned sharply in the '30s, and suddenly unions were cool again.

I'm not sure if we've hit our own turning point yet in 2011. But I know that people who think unions are merely a thing of history don't understand history.

Becky, the thing that gets me so worked up is how people have internalized all this maltreatment from greedy corporations such that they feel like turning it against schoolteachers and sanitation workers! It is so horrible, like Stockholm Syndrome.

Oh, Bettina. I hope you can harness this into some kinda fascinating unit study in yr homeschool facility.

Ms Minty, I wonder if it just is not news in AU or UK that the USA treats its wage-earners like garbage.

Charlie, you are a flatterer and sweet.

BTM, I saw that you linked to me (thank you!), so I won't reveal yr secret identity, lol. I keep checking yr blog hoping you will write something further, because idk if I can let my blog elope with current events. It feels v End of Days to me and I am trying to keep a tight lid on it. At the same time, it's so personal to me, so essential to what I believe, that it feels like lying to casually update with anything else.

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